A Outdoor Deck TV Is The Perfect Camouflage

Make This Your Finest Summer of Loafing Yet.

With spring on the horizon, thoughts turn to frolicking outside. Or, at least, lounging on the deck.

In the warmer months, the distinction between indoor and outdoor living becomes blurred. In fact, the only reasons many of us retreat inside at all are to sleep, shower and watch TV. We can ease that last burden. How does a TV wall mount for the deck sound? As long as it’s covered by a roof, there’s nothing standing between you and your finest summer of loafing yet.

Adding a wall mount flat screen TV to your deck is almost as good as adding another actual room to your home.

Think about it: parties, showers, casual gatherings, there’s nothing anchoring them inside anymore. You know how those cookouts always tended to drift inside? Two by two, your guests started disappearing on you until you realized they’re huddled around the TV, watching the last inning or breaking news. That deck TV keeps them planted where they are. (Sad that it requires such bribery, but this is the day in which we live.)

Then there are those times when you’re sneaking back inside yourself to check scores or, really, just to avoid mowing the lawn. An LCD TV wall mount keeps you out view of your better half and on the down-low. We can’t, however, furnish you with a believable excuse, too, when it becomes obvious what you’ve been doing outside all that time.

So, when the chores have piled up to the point of giving in, we can, at least, make them a bit more bearable. Alexa, play a classic-rock mix. When everyone else has abandoned you, your wall mount television is still there to while away the hours with you.

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A TV Lift Works Everywhere, But 3 Rooms In Particular Are Screaming For It

Where Do You Need a TV Lift the Most?

A TV lift is a great addition to any room, but especially the rooms that see the most traffic. Not only are they huge space-savers, but they also add functionality and flexibility wherever they’re installed. The question then becomes, where should I install a flat panel ceiling liftTV lift? These are a couple of our favorite spots.

The Family Room

Which TV in your house sees the most screen time? We’re guessing it’s the one in the family room, which makes it a logical fit for your first flat screen TV lift. Pop-up TV lifts are a popular choice in this space because they provide premium viewing from just about anywhere without cramping the room with any more intrusive equipment. The TV’s plenty, thank you.

The Bedroom

A close runner-up to the family room is the master bedroom. Need some alone time? A hidden lift is exactly what you need. Lock the door and turn the volume up loud enough that you can’t hear the kids’ shouts, but you can still hear the smoke detector. A remote control TV lift makes everyone and everything outside of that room, outside of your bed, fade away, if only temporarily.

The Game Room

If you’re the proud owner of a game room, you likely already know that it’s screaming for a lift system. You designed this room in the first place to be the social center of your home, and these days, most of our interaction occurs around the TV. A motorized flip down TV lift means your flatscreen’s there when you want it and not when you don’t. If only you could say the same of that massive foosball table that seemed like such a brilliant idea until it was installed.



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The Wall-Mounted TV Gets A Serious Upgrade

This isn’t Your Father’s Wall-Mounted Flatscreen

It was the wall-mounting in the early days of flatscreens that was most responsible for launching the discussion on how not to display our TVs. We can’t be sure, but it had to be ceiling liftthat, mostly because that conversation wasn’t really a thing until then.

The flatscreens, back then, were still fairly bulky, which made it difficult to blend them in in any kind of meaningful way. Not that most of us were trying all that hard, what with the cluster of cords hanging from the bottom of the TV and running down the wall to the socket a few feet below. In our defense, this was the first time most of us owned a TV over 30 inches. Of course it should stick out. That’s the whole point.

Even now, years later, the flatscreen significantly streamlined, the cords almost entirely gone, there’s still a bit of a bad taste. But, just as the technology’s improved, so, too, have the TV wall mounts. For starters, there’s not a cord anywhere in sight across our entire line. There’s also, even more critically, not a bad view.

Whether we’re talking the Wall-Mounted Corner Post Swivel, the Sideslider Pullout or the Glider System, there’s more flexibility in where you can install your LCD wall mount than there ever was before, because every setup is designed to provide an optimal view wherever you are in the room. Tuck it into a corner or alongside a bookshelf. In the Sideslider Pullout, the TV wall arm mount is a sturdy, linear slider that has the capacity to hold up to (and hide) a 47-inch flatscreen. A simple touchscreen command moves it into viewing position.

For you old-schoolers, there’s the Wall-Mounted Tilting Module, a more straightforward upgrade on the old hang-it-with-no-shame approach. This version tilts the flatscreen up to 30 degrees forward on command. Even you have to admit your neck was getting stiff. And the glare was doing no one any favors.



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TV Lifts Designed To Mask The Obvious

Preserving the Discretion of Our Technology

Ambiguous as design may be, we know the look of sophistication when we see it. An Eames for Herman Miller rocker. A futuristic Bodiam chandelier. A Liam Everett painting.

Savvy design in technology, especially the kind reserved for the home, is measured by its tv fold downlevel of discretion. In other words, the less we see of it, the more impressed we are—which can be a tall challenge for a 55-inch flatscreen. But not an impossible one. Allow us to introduce you to a couple of options that’ll maintain that minimalist aesthetic.

The Vertical Step-Back and Rise-Door-Opening Module is designed to hide your TV no matter how spare your décor.

It’s a fully automated system in which a door in the wall, sized to your specifications, retracts then ascends behind the wall, exposing your TV, slightly recessed, where only a moment earlier there was a clear expanse of wall.

The Rigid Panel Mover, similarly, is crafted to hide the TV behind a panel or a flat piece of art. When initiated by touchscreen-command, the flat-panel TV lift slides the camouflaging object horizontally or vertically to expose a flatscreen embedded in the wall.

For perhaps the most dramatic reveal of them all, the fold-down ceiling flatscreen TV unit holds the TV in a surprisingly shallow enclosure in the ceiling (a mere six inches, on average), from which the TV promptly lowers, by touchscreen command, for viewing. From there, swiveling and extension options are available.

Once, our rooms were defined by the furniture they contained. Today, they’re marked by the lack of their contents. The appearance of it, at least.


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Streamlining Your Living Space Begins And Ends With Your Flatscreen

A TV Lift = Modern Living

The modern aesthetic is minimalism underlined by neutral colors, clean lines and sleek surfaces. In other words, sprawling, intrusive flatscreens are out and hidden TV lifts are in.

Less is more here. A couple of key pieces, like an original abstract painting and a midcentury sideboard in impeccable condition, make much louder statements than a room hiddent tv liftsfull of heirlooms, or, worse, clutter. Thing is, though, that statement, no matter how emphatic, gets scrambled when a flatscreen’s introduced to the equation. No one’s expecting you to live like a monk in the name of sharp design, so consider employing a pop-up TV lift, where the flatscreen’s as good as gone when it’s not in use. And when you want it, it’s restored to prime viewing position by way of a no-fuss remote control mechanism.

The flip-down TV lift is another ideal candidate. When the flatscreen’s not in use, the ultra-silent TV lift restores the TV to the wall or the ceiling, leaving in its wake only unblemished surfaces.

We all watch TV. There’s no getting around that. Our flatscreens are as integral to our lifestyles as our refrigerators. But, interior design seems to be going the way of technology; the more it becomes a part of our lives, the more seamlessly the latest generations are fitting within it. When we can gain access to almost anything and control much of our immediate worlds through our smartphones alone, a massive TV framed by a built-in entertainment center begins to feel very antiquated.

To learn more about streamlining your living space, contact Inca Corporation.

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Why Are TVs Always Missing From Home-Makeover Shows

The TV Lift: The Perfect Compromise Between Inspiration and Reality

When you’re redesigning your living space, the flatscreen rarely figures prominently, if at all, in the consideration. In fact, how often do you see one crop up on HGTV? We’re “Fixer Upper” junkies, so we can safely say that there hasn’t been a single one in nearly three hiddent tv liftsseasons of renovations. As envious as we are of Joanna and Chip’s makeovers, it’s as though we’re supposed to ignore reality. Which is, the moment the hosts, the producers and their crew exit, the couple’s going to turn to each other and discuss where to install the TVs.

TV is a central part of our lifestyles. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. And yet, almost every indication from the shows and spreads we turn to for inspiration is hinting that we should be. A large part of that, it’s easy to understand: the flatscreen, for all of its beautiful minimalism, is rarely discreet. Install one in a space, any space, and it’s always going to steal some to most of the attention.

But, it is possible to have your Dwell-worthy living room and your binge-watching, too. A TV floor lift is an extension of your modern aesthetic—clean lines, minimal intrusion. And it, like its counterpart from above, the fold-down ceiling flatscreen TV unit, strikes the perfect compromise between our inspiration and our reality: A TV that’s there when you want it and not when you don’t. And, really, isn’t that the height of modern living?

Technology has enabled us to do more with less. We, in turn, are striving to mirror that in our lifestyles—even though we haven’t necessarily cut back on our accumulation. A TV lift, at least, you can minimize like any other app on your screen. Now that’s inspiring.


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You Really Need To Stop Taking Video Conference Calls On Your Laptop

You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression. Make you video conference calls standout!

tv mounts for office meeting rooms

It was a milestone morning, for sure. After months in the making (years, if we’re being honest), all of your ambition was confirmed in the course of a 20-minute video conference. The agreement that was hatched, the sly smiles from both sides that followed, legitimized your startup in a way that all the time, and effort and money you invested to that point couldn’t. Just like that, you’re an entrepreneur with a whale of a client.

The deal was already pretty much done before the meeting, the video conference more of a round of back-slapping, really. And yet it hung in limbo more than you’d like to admit. Startups can get away with a lot these days—eccentricity has somehow come to equate to genius—but the five of you crowding around your laptop gave off more of a nerds-crammed-into-your-parents’-basement vibe than the-tech-industry’s-next-giants.

But there’s still time to correct the oversight. There are going to be a lot more of these video conferences to come—as long as you stop crowding around your laptop and start conducting these meetings in somewhat-grownup fashion: a large-ish room where everyone has their own seats and a video projector lift. Now everyone’s got a clear vantage point, as do your clients of you. Short of that, there’s the tried-and-true wall-mounted flatscreen TV. But that may feel a bit conventional for your liking. Whereas the projector conveys more of a modern, life-size presence.

If you’re planning to host some of these meetings in person at some point, the power of presentation can’t be overstated. The projector, in that regard, is still pretty high on the impression scale. But an ultra-silent TV lift’s also worth some consideration. Advanced as our tech’s become, we still love the ol’ rabbit-in-the-hat trick—especially when the rabbit’s remote-controlled.

You’ve sunk so much thought into piecing together your infrastructure. But the conference room is, for all intents, your public face. It’s where the bulk of your interaction with clients, potential and established, will unfold. Make sure that it meets your brand’s standards. After all, as the adage goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression

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Does Your Plane Have a TV

Wait, Your Plane Doesn’t Have a TV?

If you’re reading this with good reason (as opposed to aimless Googling), props to you. You’ve reached rarified air, literally. It’s not every Jack or Jill who owns his or her own plane. But—and we hate to be the bearer of bad news—you’re going to be flying solo until you get big ol’ flatscreen up in there. Sure, we all travel anymore with our tablets and our laptops. But when you’re invited to fly on someone’s personal jet, you sort of expect the entertainment to be provided. After all, what’s the expense of a fold down TV lift in light of what you’ve already dropped?

Forget about your guests for a moment. Tell us that a flip down flat screen lift wouldn’t be a very welcome sight as you settle into cushy leather lounge chair for what promises to be a hopelessly boring flight. (Commercial or personal jet, that doesn’t change.) We know, we know, you didn’t arrive here by laying around, binge-watching Better Call Saul like the rest of us. But you can’t work all the time. And even if you can, how much fun is your destination going to be if you arrive bleary-eyed and stressed out? It’s always preferable to arrive bleary-eyed and relaxed.

One of the primary benefits of a TV lift holds true at a few thousand feet, too: It’s a huge space-saver. And no matter how much you shelled out for this thing, we’re guessing space is still a precious commodity. A hidden lift in the ceiling ensures that you’ll never be ducking to avoid your flatscreen. This is your plane. You’ve earned the clearance. Leave the contorting to the suckers in coach. (That would be us.)

To inquire about installing an ultra-silent TV lift—did we mention they come in ultra-silent?—contact Inca Corporation. Or, really, have someone do it for you.

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It’s Time You Start Making Your Furniture Work For You

Necessary as the table is to our lifestyles—we eat around it, the kids do their homework on it, we dump everything there on its way to where it really belongs—it can be a space hog. Think about it: In every room where the table features prominently—the kitchen, dining room, home office—it’s about the only piece of furniture. But there is an alternative, thanks to the table lift system.

The Inca table lift is a compact, gear-driven, remote control mechanism that converts a coffee table to a dining table.

The special four-panel construction is comprised of four crossed steel axles and gears for supreme rigidity and strength. Basically, it’ll never meet a Thanksgiving dinner it can’t handle.

If you like the sound of one-table-for-multiple-needs, it gets even better: The table lift can be custom-made. Meaning, regardless of whether your living space is of the modern, open variety or the closed-in, historic kind, you win. Create a centerpiece table that will become the focal point of the entire first floor. Or, economize and make room for some other necessities, like additional seating or a sprawling flatscreen. (Have you heard about our TV lifts?)

We ask so much of our devices these days, yet we’re resigned to letting our bulky furniture fill very specific roles. It’s time to start making it work for us. The table lift is only part of our special automation line, which also includes a motorized utility lift for the kitchen and a dumbwaiter/galleymate system—what, you’re not still hauling your groceries in from the garage yourself, are you? Each piece is designed to make life simpler, easier. Contact us to learn more about how we can streamline your home.

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A Big Boat Without A Big Flatscreen Is Just A Big Boat

The Life Aquatic is Great, But You Still Need a TV

Even when you’re cruising the high seas or just rocking back and forth in port, you need entertainment. What, you’re expecting to be consumed by your surroundings? Check back with us in Hour 2.

Nature’s great, but TV’s better. That’s why we usually choose to appreciate the former from the comfort of our homes, surrounded by multiple flatscreens. Good news, though: You can install one on your boat, too.

A pop-up TV lift will keep your precious cargo safe and secure, no matter how choppy the waters—or fast you manage to fly. So it’s fastened, but it’s also out of the way, which is just as critical when space is at a premium. A flip down TV lift stashes it in the ceiling. Or, you can opt for a TV floor lift. Either way, you’ll be impressed by how little your TV intrudes on your living space. If only every other piece of furniture and storage could be stashed so easily.

Of course, there will be occasions when you’ll want that TV to be seen, and we’re talking about more than some binge-watching on a rainy afternoon. You’re not exactly an introvert. Introverts don’t buy big boats that draw the envy of almost everyone who lays eyes on them. No, you’re a showman. And a showman, ideally, wants his TV to make just as dramatic an entrance as he does. A hidden television lift can help with that. No one’s ever seen a flatscreen emerge from out of nowhere and not been impressed. Trust us.

So, the boat’s a solid start, but you’re not really living the good life until you install a flat screen TV lift. We can certainly help with that. And then you’ll have the best of both worlds, probably in the same view.

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