TV Lift Solutions For Restaurants And Bars

Perfect Your Restaurant or Bar  Tv Lift Designs Will Help Your New Business Succeed

Are you planning on opening a casual dining restaurant, bar, or local hangout? If so, you know that designing an interesting and inviting space for your customers is one of your first challenges. You know you need to balance your vision and budget, but how do you prioritize your goals and know where to spend and where to save? As you develop your plan, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You need to develop a clear vision of your brand’s identity. Before you approve of a design or make your first purchase, know exactly what your brand will be. Hodge-podge designs feel unprofessional and cheap.
  • You want to develop an atmosphere that encourages engagement. For example, installing multiple TVs with TV lift mechanisms helps keep your customers entertained, which in turn, can help drive sales. For example, sports games draw in customers who will order multiple drinks. People are used to have constant screen exposure because of their smart phones, so they will respond well to a casual atmosphere with access to entertainment.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of cramming as many tables in your space as you can. When customers feel cramped, they are less likely to have an enjoyable experience. Likewise, too-narrow walkways lead to more server accidents.
  • Get advice from successful restaurant or bar entrepreneurs. They can reveal what they wish they had known when first opening your business so that you can have a better idea of which of your ideas can wait and which will pay off. They may give you insight to help avoid rookie mistakes.

As you plan your design, Inca TV Lifts can help you with TV lift solutions that allow you to place TVs wherever you want.

Our TV lift systems help businesses create the perfect atmosphere so that they can better serve their customers. To learn more, contact us today 877-961-INCA (4622) or 310-808-0001!

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TV Lift Cabinets For End Of Bed

Ready for a Bedroom Makeover? Get Inspired to Create Your True Sanctuary

Is your master bedroom in need of a major overhaul? Our busy lives often mean that what should be our sanctuaries end up as neglected catch-alls. Our master bedrooms should be a place that encourages comfort, rest, imagination, and renewal. However, we also want it to be a truly livable space and not just a magazine set. How can you create a space that helps improve your everyday life and nourishes your soul? Here are some tips to plan your perfect master retreat:

  • First, get inspiration! Even if those picture-perfect magazine bedrooms are not reality, they can inspire you with color schemes, furniture placements, and more.
  • Do some research on new technologies to help resolve common design dilemmas. For example, TV lift cabinets for end of beds help disguise your electronics until you are ready to use them.
  • Think outside of the box. You don’t need a perfectly matched furniture set. Mixing and matching coordinating pieces helps create a more appealing appearance.
  • Remember, it is your home, and you should feel free to create the exact space you crave, rather than what you think others consider to be fashionable.

At Inca TV Lifts, we know that a big TV can ruin the relaxing environment you envision, yet you still want access to entertainment when you need it. Our plasma lifts, swivel TV lift systems, and hidden TV lifts help you find the perfect compromise so that you can create the space that nourishes you while remaining functional. To learn more, contact us today 877-961-INCA (4622) or 310-808-0001!

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TV Lift Solutions For Classrooms To Conference Rooms

TV Lifts Help Classrooms Incorporate Technology and Save Space

The makeup of the modern classroom is changing. Technology plays such an integral roll in helping students get the most comprehensive education possible, and revolutionizes the ways in which they learn. However, the addition of screens and smartboards often create challenges in already cramped environments. Small classrooms lack adequate storage space, and with limited resources, schools struggle to incorporate new tech in a way that makes the most sense.

At Inca TV Lifts, we offer TV lift solutions that can help incorporate screens into classrooms without sacrificing space.

TV lifts and mounts help utilize vertical space to that you do not lose square footage. Rather than those classic rolling carts or unnecessary furniture, every classroom can find space to install the screens that power modern education tools. Additionally, drop-down TV lifts can be installed in the ceiling so that even wall space remains free when the TV is not in use. These products are ideal for a classroom environment because they also keep screens safely out of the reach of children, protecting both them and the school’s investment. As a result, even small classrooms never have to give up on the tools they need to give their students the best education possible.

If you are an educator or school administrator, we want to help connect you to the lift products that your classrooms need. Whether it is flat screen TV all mounts or automated lift systems, we will help you save space while protecting your technologies and students. To learn more, contact us today 877-961-INCA (4622) or 310-808-0001!

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Marine And RV TV Lifts

Your Recreational Adventures and Home Entertainment? You Don’t Have to Sacrifice One for the Other

If you are a travel and outdoor enthusiast, you know that your boat and/or RV allows you to embark on new adventures while making lasting memories with your family. Whether you are navigating the open water or are exploring the great American landscape, your experiences enrich your life and help you embrace a broader worldview through the ways you connect with new people or landscapes. While we all want to make the most of these trips, we still need downtime and relaxation, and without that creature comforts of home entertainment, your adventures may feel a little more taxing than rewarding. How can you add that little luxury to your boat or RV when space is already at a premium? A small TV lift designed specifically for your needs will allow you to add that much-needed TV so that you can enjoy the comforts of home while on the go.

Whether you are looking for a marine TV lift or an RV TV lift, Inca TV Lifts is here for you.

Our team of knowledgeable experts helps our clients solve even the toughest electronics storage dilemmas. Our wide variety of TV lifts and cabinets offer solutions for those small spaces, and help better integrate home entertainment into boats and RVs. With flat screens becoming thinner and more affordable, people are now able to put them in traditionally unconventional spaces, like bathrooms, kitchens and trailer campers. When you contact us, we will help you understand your options, as well as the specifications and installation requirements needed for your unique space. In no time, your family will be enjoying those adventures, as well as the ability to relax after a long, hard day of exploration. To get started, contact your INCA representative today!

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Automated Flip-Down Televisions For Kitchens

Don’t Flop that Flip—Creative High End Finishes Could Help You Sell that Home Successfully

If you’ve caught the house flipping bug, you are not alone. Despite the progress of economic recovery, you can still find plenty of affordable foreclosures, short sales, or auction properties that you can transform into neighborhood gems. As a result, you could become a profitable real estate mogul and set yourself up for continued financial success. While your first instinct may be to do a bare bones flip, you need to do a little market research. Depending on the neighborhood, buyers may expect more high-end features and finishes, which the lack of could make your property less than appealing. While you have many options to consider, Inca TV lifts wants you to discover how well-planned and executed automated TV lifts can take your property from “meh” to “wow” in the eyes of your buyers.

TV lifts offer innovative home entertainment storage solutions that not only add design versatility to any room, but they also give properties that cool factor that impresses potential buyers. While they are usually used in living rooms and bedrooms, you can also use them for flip-down televisions for kitchens, master bathrooms, porches, outdoor kitchens, and even garages. The idea is to highlight just how well you can blend form, function, and convenience into a space so that people can envision those benefits in their day-to-day lives. With so many options and a little vision, you can create a unique home that grabs the attention of prospective buyers and gains you the successful flip you need.

Inca TV lifts offers comprehensive storage solutions that revolutionize how electronics integrate into home environments. Our team can connect you to a plethora of possibilities, and with our help, you can become the successful real estate entrepreneur of your community. To learn more, contact us today 877-961-INCA (4622) or 310-808-0001!

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High-End Concealed Automated TV Lifts For The Bedroom

The Bedroom Compromise—How Inca TV Lifts Can Help Solve Your Design Disagreements

The bedroom wars…are you and your partner at odds on how to design the perfect master bedroom? If so, you are not alone. One of you may want a relaxing, romantic retreat that could be plucked from the pages of a magazine. The other, however, wants to still be able to watch movies, play video games, or simply indulge in that 40-inch flat screen they have been eyeing. The great news about home entertainment solutions is that they can give you both exactly what you want: a picture-perfect space that still features the comfort and livability you crave. A concealed TV lift offers attractive storage that keeps that screen tucked away until you’re ready to use it. At Inca TC Lifts, we have just what you need to design a space that meets both of your needs so you both can be happy.

A high-end TV lift can take many forms.

Whether it’s an attractive cabinet at the end of your bed or against a wall, or it’s a hidden in the floor or the ceiling, your TV lift acts as the most versatile way to solve tough design dilemmas.  These products, in conjunction with a quality flat screen, gives a perfect home entertainment experience anywhere you desire. As you plan your room, browse TV cabinets and hidden, automated TV lifts to get insight and inspiration on how each option would work within your space. Your Inca representative can help by connecting you with a variety of possibilities to explore, as well as giving you a better understanding as to how each works.

Rather than continue the bedroom design wars, let Inca TV lifts help you find harmony so that in the end, you both get exactly what you want. To learn more, contact us today!

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Smart Home Automated And Motorized TV Lifts

Smart Homes, Beautiful Homes—How TV Lifts Give You Both

Smart home technology is revolutionizing house design, and people are loving the way that technology streamlines their everyday lives. From remote control thermostats to camera doorbells, home tech gives us greater control of our environments while also saving us time. While you probably know all of the cool gadgets that make a smart home ultra-cool, did you know that concealed TV lifts can give you the ultimate way to create a stunningly designed home that still features the high-end entertainment products you love.

TV lifts come in a variety of styles, models, sizes, and serve a variety of applications. For example, small TV lifts allow consumers to place TVs in typically unconventional areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, they are finding that they can place TVs in garages, patios and bonus rooms without sacrificing on space. Automated TV lifts help contribute to the smart home trend in that they take the best designs and technologies and transform them into utilities that streamline lives while promoting aesthetical harmony.  For example, if one partner wants a TV in a place where another does not, a flip-down TV lift can give them both what they want—on-demand entertainment that can be concealed when not needed.

At Inca TV Lifts, we specialize in electronics entertainment solutions that help homes work better for the families that live in them. We believe that beautiful homes and functional homes do not need to be completely discordant concepts. You can craft a designer home that is still livable and comfortable.  To learn more, contact us today 877-961-INCA (4622) or 310-808-0001!

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TV Storage Solutions Offer a Compromise Between Space and Screen Size

In modern home design, kitchens, living rooms, and the master bed and bath take top priority when it comes to space allocation. Understandably, we want to be comfortable, but as a result, children’s and teens’ bed rooms are often scaled down. Modern kids and teens interests and hobbies have evolved, and electronics/screen time represent one of their most frequent activities. As a result, their rooms often cannot accommodate the gaming set-ups they desire. Video games are not those simplistic consoles of the past, but rather high definition, immersive, and interactive experiences. This means that many adolescents value the quality of their televisions, and the increasing affordability of quality flat screens puts this possibility within their reach. How can you reconcile your teen’s desire for a larger screen with the space limitations of his or her bedroom? The answer is tv mounts for flat screens or innovative TV lifts.

As a leader in electronics storage solutions, Inca TV Lifts knows that the creative use of space helps revolutionize home design. TV mounts and lifts allow you to make use of vertical space, or conceal a TV behind furniture when in use. Additionally, drop down TV lifts allow you to store your screen in ceiling/attic space so that you only see the TV when using it. By utilizing the right storage solution for your space and screen, you can give your teen the ultimate gaming or entertainment space without turning his or her room into a cluttered mess. Additionally, you can keep those gaming consoles out of your living room and end the “who gets the tv” wars.

To learn more about TV lifts for small spaces, contact an Inca representative today!

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Updating Your Living Space? Remember that Function is Just as Important as Form

INCA Fold Down & Swivel Flat Screen TV Lift

Is your home feeling a dull and dated? When our interior spaces feel more stagnant than comfortable, we lose that sense of satisfaction we should have in our homes. However, when you are ready for an update, it can be easy to get lost in the options. When approaching a redecorating project, many of us turn to magazines and television programs for inspiration. However, these picture-perfect rooms are staged for their photographic appeal, not for your real, everyday lifestyle. You may see a gorgeous living room with perfectly matched fabrics, furniture, and accent pieces, but what is more important is what you don’t see—a television. Is it really realistic to design a room that will be more about looks than utility? The good news is that Inca TV Lifts can help by providing TV lift cabinets that blend seamlessly into any décor.

TV cabinets with lifts do double-duty when it comes to contemporary room design. They offer attractive accent pieces while still providing you with access to your home entertainment when you want it. These cabinets utilize modern technology to bring together home entertainment and attractive living spaces. As you plan your room design, here are some tips to help incorporate an automated TV lift that doesn’t sacrifice on aesthetics:

  • First, research your options as you design your layout. You need to know what is available so that your plans unfold without setbacks.
  • Be honest with yourself about genuine utility. How much time does your family spend in the living room and what are you doing while you are there? Don’t let your design plans overshadow the reality of your day-to-day life.
  • Don’t forget to allow for component storage. If you have satellite receivers, DVD players, or video game systems, you still want a to be able to access them conveniently.
  • Finally, get the help you need to install your TV correctly into your lift. You are investing in a new look, and you want to safeguard it.

As you refresh your living space, remember that Inca TV Lifts can help you solve the tug-of-war between aesthetics and functionality. To learn more, contact our team today!

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Motorized Sliding Doors Will Conceal Your TV In An Instant

Don’t Let Your TV Steal the Spotlight

We’re all prone to becoming glued to our flatscreens, but that doesn’t mean they should be the focal point of the room when they’re not on. And thanks to TV lifts, there are plenty of creative ways to camouflage it, however massive it may be.

Motorized sliding doors will conceal your TV in an instant. With the horizontal door opening system, your TV can be tucked away behind a single track or double unit within a bookcase. Put two tracks together and open both doors with one controller. Store toys, board games and linens in there too so that when you’re not watching TV and safely stowed, your room’s restored to a more desirable area where your bookcase filled with beautiful coffee table books once again becomes the rightful center of attention.

Another way to hide your TV is with a panel lift.

Why stare at a television not in use when your guests can admire a piece of your art collection? A panel lift will lift up any flat object, like an oil painting or a large-format black-and-white photograph, to display your TV when you want to watch it and then restore it when you’re done watching.

Similar to the panel lift is the rigid panel mover, designed to move panels, artwork or any flat object, such as a door or partition, in front of a flatscreen horizontally or vertically. Once again, your TV is concealed to display a more aesthetically pleasing design element. Not that your TV isn’t totally sleek. It’s just not that impressive when it isn’t turned on. And, really, you could do with a little time apart anyway.

For guidance on how to blend your TV into your room’s décor, contact Inca Corporation.

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