What Is The Best Bar And Grill High End TV Lift

Make Your Bar and Grill the Neighborhood Hangout with Help From Inca TV Lifts

TV Lift SOlutions

If you are considering opening a bar and grill, you know that atmosphere is just as important as good food and beverage selections. Unlike the traditional restaurant model, your business targets people who want to come, hang out, and linger over good food and drinks. You want the groups that come to watch the big games, or have their traditional happy hour. Their satisfaction with your atmosphere translates into more food and drink orders, and therefore, higher profits. You need to incorporate numerous flat screens, and at Inca TV Lifts, we offer the high-end TV lifts you need to create a seamless design.

Your electronics and their placement will be a big part of your interior design budget. You need products that will give your patrons access to entertainment, while also giving you an attractive and functional space. Our plasma and LCD TV lifts can accommodate screens of nearly every size, and since they make use of vertical space, you can add as many or as few screens as you want.

Beyond traditional entertainment like sports games and news, your screens can also be used for crowd-drawers like wireless communal trivia games, award show watch parties, video games, and more. You want creative avenues to bring in people and promote an atmosphere of fun and togetherness. When people know that they can always expect a lively good time at your place, they will come back again and again, which promotes your brand.

As you plan your interior design, contact Inca TV lifts to discover our wide variety of TV lifts and the ways they can help create the best atmosphere. With our help, you will be well on your way to creating the ultimate neighborhood hangout.


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TV Cabinets with Lifts or Motorized Flat Screen TV Lifts

Dream Versus Reality—How TV Lifts Bridge the Gap Between Your Home Vision and Your Real Life

TV Lifts

Creating a warm and inviting home is an admirable goal, however, we often fall prey to the idealistic fantasy of what that means. For example, when you watch home buying or remodeling shows, the families talk more about having the perfect entertaining space than they do about what their day-to-day lives are really like. As such, they sometimes end up with a home that, while beautiful, is not optimally functional for their real, daily routines. Think about this: how often, in those picture-perfect remodeling reveals, do you see a television in the living space? The answer is rarely. Large flat screens would spoil the idyllic aesthetic. However, as you design your own home, you still can get a warm entertaining atmosphere without home entertainment equipment overtaking the space. Electronics storage solutions like TV cabinets with lifts or motorized flat screen TV lifts can give you the best of both worlds.  

TV lifts help keep screens of nearly any size tucked away when not in use. As a result, you can create the living space you want, while also keeping it practical for your everyday routine. This diverse product pool features a wide variety of solutions so that, whatever your goal, you can find a way to seamless incorporate your TV into your design while also keeping it concealed. Additionally, TV lifts really represent the smart home trend, and are a high-end feature that future home buyers would love to see.

As you plan your living space transformation, know that you can have a compromise between form and function. Our TV furniture solutions help bridge the gap between what you anticipate in your home and how you will really live in it. To learn more, contact a representative today.

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How a TV Lift Can Create a More Comfortable Space

tv lifts for bedroom


In modern home design, the spacing of bedrooms is often sacrificed to give more square feet to the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. In fact, many homes listing 4 or more bedrooms often have that one room that is technically a bedroom but is barely larger than a closet. These small rooms create a series of design challenges, because they do not have enough space to incorporate all of the furniture one would typically expect. As such, TV lift systems can become an invaluable solution for creating a room that is comfortable for the occupant and still functional.

Beyond your typical bed, dresser and nightstand, your television can also eat up square footage. Even if you pace it on top of a dresser, that is horizontal space that you are losing as a result. A ceiling tv lift, on the other hand, will keep your flat screen stored away when not in use. These space-saving solutions helps you reimagine that small room’s layout so that you don’t have to end up with an area that feels suffocated by clutter. This is also especially beneficial for kids’ rooms, because not only does it create more space to play, but it also keeps the screen safely out of reach from small hands.

The team at Inca TV Lifts believes that TV lifts are one of the most innovative and revolutionary products when it comes to balancing home entertainment and home design.

That small bedroom in your home does not have to feel claustrophobic. With the right products and a little imagination, you can create a comfortable space to enjoy for years to come.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen and Your Foodie Skills with a Kitchen TV Lift

kitchen po-up tv

If you or your loved one is a true “foodie,” then your kitchen probably is the real heart of your home. Are you always tinkering with new recipes and cuisines, scouring food blogs for fresh ideas, and determined to master a specific culinary challenge? Whatever your food goals, you know that you spend a lot of time in front of the stove, cooking up your next tasty masterpiece. However, most home cooks know that, as much fun as the process is, all that time in the kitchen can also get lonely. Imagine being able to watch your favorite shows, listen to the news, or look up that YouTube video tutorial of the challenging recipe you want to try. With a kitchen TV lift, you can gain access to a screen without losing precious counter space.

A small TV lift will allow you to enjoy access to entertainment and the internet in your kitchen, but will keep the screen tucked away when not in use.

This will create the feel that you not only have a luxury kitchen, but it will also give you a boost while you toil on your favorite recipes. Those marathon cooking sessions will be enhanced, and you will find that even on the uninspired days, you still can get to the stove and create nourishing meals for the people you love.

At Inca TV Lifts, we specialize in concealed TV lifts that transform unconventional spaces into entertainment accessible zones. If you are ready to upgrade your favorite room in the house, contact and discover the possibilities and the delicious future ahead.

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How TV Lifts Can Help Better House Your Flat Screen

The Entertainment Center Alternative—How TV Lifts Can Help Better House Your Flat Screen

While flat screens have revolutionized home entertainment, they also have created the dilemma of where and how to incorporate such large screens into the traditional home profile. As these large screens become more affordable, the TV furniture solutions have scaled to accommodate their footprint. However, not everyone wants to, or is able to incorporate those massive, modular entertainment centers into their living spaces. Additionally, these mammoth furniture pieces are expensive, difficult to move, and can make your living room feel too screen-focused, rather than a place for your family to come together and interact. Is there a way to get the quality home entertainment you want without the giant entertainment furniture that comes with it?tv fold down

At Inca TV Lifts, we specialize in automated TV lifts that allow you to enjoy your flat screen when you want, but tuck it away when you don’t. TV lifts actually represent a broad category of electronics storage solutions, including furniture with a pop-up TV stand, drop-down ceiling mounts, end of bed TV lifts, and more. These products aim to help electronics fit more seamlessly into our home environments so that we attain the best balance between aesthetics and functionality.  They also capitalize on the lighter, slimmer benefits of flat screens, allowing you more flexibility in how you structure your room’s layout.

If you are looking for an alternative to a large home entertainment center, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about the wide variety of options we offer. With our help, you can have the flat screen you want, where and how you want it.

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The Man Cave Compromise

Why Your Garage May Help Spare Your Home

tv mount options for your garage

Is your family engaged in the battle for the man cave? He wants a private hangout space, but you know that your house doesn’t have the room to sacrifice an entire area of livable space for his entertainment. However, you also want to try to meet your significant other halfway, which is why putting a TV in the garage could give you both what you want.

The challenge of turning a garage into a mixed-use space often comes from the dilemma of where to put everything. We often think of TVs as requiring dressers or entertainment centers to house them, which clearly are not the best options for a garage space. A TV lift mechanism, however, utilizes vertical wall space so that you can install a screen nearly anywhere. They are the first step in transforming that garage. However, before you try to convince your significant other that the garage will be the best optios, here are some factors you need to consider first:

  • How are you using the garage now? Do you park your car in it? If so, are you willing to lose that space to keep the man cave outside of your home?
  • If you decide to lose parking space, check that you have space in your driveway to comfortably park and that you won’t be violating any homeowners’ association rules.
  • Will temperature be an issue? If you, you may need to add insulation and see about portable air or heating units, or adding a small ductless system to make the environment more user-friendly.
  • Additionally, check that the noise level doesn’t exceed what is acceptable in your neighborhood.
  • Compromise! You may not want to invest in bringing the garage up to man cave status, but at least it won’t be taking away usable space from the rest of your family.

As you plan, be sure to check out the plasma lifts from Inca TV Lifts. Their products can help you outfit that garage and help you both achieve your goals for a happy home.

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Why Flat Panels Are Helping Revolutionize Retail Signage

Paper Versus Digital—Why Flat Panels Are Helping Revolutionize Retail Signage

In retail spaces, paper signage often takes up a significant portion of the operating costs. For example, think about the last time you went into a department store. Nearly every rack probably had paper sign toppers advertising the current sale or special, while paper signs hung around the store to reflect the season, upcoming promotions, and company culture. Many retail spaces frequently turn to paper signs to delineate sections, sales, specials, menus, return policies, and more. Not only is the constant paper signage turnover costly, but it also creates a negative environmental impact. As such, savvy businesses are turning to flat panel screens and specialty flat panel tv lifts for a greener and infinitely customizable solution.  

From popular gyms to fast food restaurants, businesses are embracing the strategy that exchanging paper signage for slim screens lowers costs and improves operational efficiency. Imagine being able to update the information instantly? No more waiting on the printer, and should something be temporarily unavailable or out of stock, you never have to post an unprofessional handwritten sign. Small TV lifts can put a dynamic sign in nearly any space, and also promote customer engagement in our increasingly digital environment. While adding screens is an initial investment, imagine never having to print signage in the years to come.

At Inca TV Lifts, we specialize in stable lifts for any size screen and for any application. We want to help retailers and restaurants make the most of technology while helping reduce paper waste. To learn more about our TV Lift solutions and products, contact a representative today!

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How to Create a Home Office in Limited Space

With the development of telecommuting, more Americans are working from home than ever before. This trend gives them the flexibility to work with companies across the nation, rather than be restricted by their own local communities. Additionally, telecommuting helps cut down operational costs as companies need less office space since more employees are off-site. While working from home can be a blessing, it can also create challenges when trying to create a functional home office in a space that was never intended to be so. How can you create a home office that works for you but doesn’t take away from your family’s usable space? Here are some ideas:

  • First, break down your office concept into a series of wants and needs. You may want a large desk, but do you really need it? Look at the way you can create a workspace but be hidden lift for TVwilling to compromise on some points. Working from home is about convenience, not transforming your home into a corporate space.
  • Utilize technology storage solutions. For example, TV lift mechanisms can store monitors away when not in use. This can be especially helpful if you need multiple monitors in your operation.
  • Think wireless. Home offices can quickly become a spider’s nest of cords that could be unsafe for children. A wireless mouse, keyboard, phone headset, and more can help you eliminate the tangle of excess cords.
  • Avoid distractions. While you may not have the “perfect” spot to tuck a home office, you do have the ability to analyze areas that would hurt productivity. High-traffic areas like the kitchen, dining room, and living room will hurt your ability to focus. You need to take a step back and be logical about how your home will work while you are working.

While these are just a few tips for creating a functional home office, remember that Inca TV Lifts offers TV lift solutions, as well as other automated electronics storage products that help save space and boost usability. Our TV lifts reinvent spaces in both homes and offices across the nation.

To learn more about TV lift home office products that will help you create a home office that works for you, contact us today!

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Kitchen TV Solutions For The Chef In You

Nurture Your Amateur Chef with a Functional Kitchen—How TV Lifts Can Help

kitchen po-up tv

Do you have a passionate cook your family? Someone who loves to be in the kitchen, try new recipes, and explore the world through international cuisine? With more Americans getting back into the kitchen and rediscovering the joy of expression through food, this room is regaining its quality as the heart of the home. You want to help create the perfect space for your amateur chef, and nurture his or her passion as much as the food nurtures your family. From the right tools, to an efficient set-up, you can help your loved one outfit the kitchen so that it continues to grow with his or her skills.

When we think of our “dream kitchen” we often envision endless stone countertops or gleaming stainless-steel appliances. However, when we go beyond the aesthetics and actually think about the practical, everyday use, we can see that features do not just need to focus on attractive finishes. One example of a useful feature many never consider is the addition of a small, concealed TV. With access to a screen, the passionate cooks can check out recipe tutorials, replay food channel favorites, or simply get some entertainment while they prepare their next creative feast. A television does not need to detract from a stunning kitchen, because innovative products like pop-up TV lifts or flip-down TV lifts can keep screens out of site when not in use, yet readily available in an instant.

As you plan the ideal kitchen for your home, and your culinary-obsessed loved one, consider how a screen might be just as useful as many of the features you are considering. To learn more about how a small TV lift can help, contact Inca TV Lifts today!

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Outfit Your Home Gym With a Flat Screen

Outfit Your Home Gym With a Flat Screen And Broaden Your Fitness Horizons


If you are serious about fitness, a home gym is the perfect way to create a customized space that motivates you and contributes to your goals. As you plan your ideal home gym, it’s important to focus on what you love doing, as well as how your interests may expand down the road. For example, you may be devoted to challenging yourself on the treadmill, but that small interest in yoga may mean you want leave room to experiment and see if it is something you want to incorporate into your fitness routine. From weights to cardio machines, your space should be a place where you can challenge yourself, release stress, and stay focused on your goals.

As you plan your home gym, you may want to consider adding a drop-down flat screen TV or a plasma TV lift. The internet offers thousands of workout videos, tutorials, and inspiration, and it can help you broaden your skills and passions. Why we typically do not think about screens as a need in a home gym, they can provide an excellent resource for nearly any fitness regimen. Beyond their utility, they also offer an entertainment source for those long treadmill or elliptical sessions, meaning you can catch up on your favorite shows while burning calories.

At Inca TV Lifts, we connect homeowners with top-quality electronic storage solutions, including ceiling TV lifts that are perfect for home gyms. If you are looking for an innovative way to add a screen to an unusual space, we have the products for you. To learn more, contact us today at 310-808-0001!



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